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Since 2016, the region holds the VENDÉE FRENCH TECH label, categories #Cleantech and #Mobility.

For the Vendée region, it is the result of a collective work bringing together a team of companies, start-ups, elected officials and many other local actors involved in the deployment of smart grids. 


At the time of the digital and energy transition, the Vendée region has seized the opportunity of the French Tech dynamic to federate around a common project, vector of growth and visibility in the whole world.

This project is based on 3 fundamentals:

  • SMILE dynamics (winning application of the national call for smart grid projects) of which SYDEV is a stakeholder,

  • International opening

  • Development of the blockchain system.​


The Vendée region is today an attractive economic territory built on family successes and on recognized business solidarity. It continues to be an innovation territory around the technologies of tomorrow. With this VENDÉE FRENCH TECH label, the region asserts itself as a national and international campus of excellence in smart grids. The objective is to grant to a whole start-up ecosystem a more easily access the financing necessary for their development.

logo vendee frech tech.png
3 objectives of the French Tech:

Federating a collective throughout France, behind a unifying brand

Accelerating start-up growth

Shining abroad by promoting France and French Tech

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